Are you planning to install a new air conditioner or replace your old one? The feeling of excitement is hard to miss, as you and your family can finally escape the heat and humidity of Perth and enjoy the chiller air you all require to live comfortably.

However, this task can be puzzling, as there are many models, brands, and types of ACs to choose from, making it difficult to decide which one is suitable for your home. Thankfully, you can simplify this task with a bit of advice and knowledge.

List of five things to consider when selecting a new air conditioner:

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1) The area that requires cooling

The first thing to consider is the space you want to cool. Do you want the AC to cool a single room, multiple rooms, or your entire house? The ducted model is ideal if you want to cool your entire house, as they can effortlessly cool and heat every room in your home.

You might also consider an evaporative air conditioner. The split air conditioner is unarguably the ideal and popular choice for cooling a single room. You may also consider purchasing the cassette version if the indoor unit storage space is limited.

2) Energy efficiency

Considering energy efficiency can save you lots of money in the long run. Air conditioners sold in Australia have an ERL (Energy Rating Label) fixed on the gadget, which allows buyers to compare the energy efficiency of different units. The number of stars — from 1 to 10 — determines the energy efficiency of the unit, with 1-star being the least efficient and 10-star being the most efficient in terms of conserving energy.

Purchasing a unit with a higher energy rating, apart from reducing carbon footprint due to low emission of hydrofluorocarbons, reduce your power bills too, as they cool more air per unit of electricity consumed.

3. Storage space

Different models of air conditioners require different amounts of space. Remember, the split AC systems consist of two parts (hence the name `split’) of which one needs to be set inside your house (consisting of the air filter, a blower, and a cooling coil) and one on the outside (consisting of the compressor, expansion coil, and condenser coil).

If you do not have adequate storage space, opt for the cassette version, which is mounted on the ceiling and require little storage space. Opt for a ducted system if you have sufficient space on the floor or ceiling of your house for the ducted equipment.

4. Heating and cooling

Most air conditioners chill the air during the summer and heat it during the winter. Prime examples are cassette, split, and ducted reverse cycle models. Consider purchasing an evaporative air conditioning system if you only want the device to cool the air. Such models use water to cool your home and are extremely energy efficient.

5. When to buy

It is better to purchase an air conditioning unit during the winter, as dealers offer huge discounts on those gadgets at that time. You can also hire an installer easily during the winter season, as they have few installation jobs during this period.

Save money and frustration by following the above tips for choosing the right air conditioning for Perth.