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Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

As air conditioning technology continues to develop more people are finding the ducted air conditioning design more appealing to their needs. This can be associated to the multiple benefits that this system presents in both residential and commercial settings. Taking a closer look at the benefits can be key to deciding if it is right for your own use.


Ducted Air Conditioning covers the entire home

Unlike other systems that are more efficient when focused in one single room, the ducted system provides quality conditioning for the entire house. Most manufacturers provide guarantees of optimal performance throughout the year regardless of prevailing weather patterns. Once the system is installed you do not have to worry about changing anything simply because of changing seasons.

Easy Control

While the system is capable of conditioning the entire house, it features a single control area. You can easily change prevailing conditions using the set and forget timers making it ideal for people who wish to enjoy comfort and convenience.

Separate Zones

The system is designed to have up to six separate conditioned zones making it quite an efficient air conditioning system. The separate zones allow you to prioritize areas of comfort and this ultimately translates to efficient use of energy.

Even Air Conditioning

The system is designed to provide even conditioning. There are no hot or cold areas within the room or zone that is being conditioned. Another benefit is that the conditioning is quite precise making it ideal for people with complications such as asthma. Babies and the elderly can also enjoy comfort without being affected negatively.


There are a variety of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems meaning you have the option of choosing a product that is most suited for your needs. Models are available in single and three phase designs giving you the flexibility to choose something within your budget.

Not Obstructive

The systems only feature grills that are mounted on ceilings or floors. This design compliments the home rather than interfering with the aesthetics.

Noise Elimination

Unlike other systems that tend to produce annoying noises after a given period of use, the ducted system hardly ever produces sound. The parts that often produce noise are placed inside the ceiling, under the floor or outside the house which is why the possibility of hearing any sounds is greatly reduced.


Ducted systems require minimal maintenance works making them ideal for anyone that does not wish to pay for service often. The fact that a single unit can cover a larger area as compared to wall hung systems that may require you to install a unit in every room makes the ducted systems much cheaper in the long run.

Less Pollution

Due to the minimal circulation of bad air the room that is being conditioned remains relatively clean. The system features unique filters that keep pollutants out while allowing for quality air circulation.

Safe for Families

Other conditioning systems must be watched carefully to avoid accidents or incidents that may lead to injury or loss of property. Ducted systems have no open flames or exposed movable parts meaning they do not pose any safety threat to children or property.


More Coverage

Ducted Air Conditioning covers your entire home


Most energy efficient way to heat or cool your home

Low Noise

Ducted Air Conditioning systems are less noisy

Zone Control

Gives you precise control over each room temperature


No hot or moving parts within the home for little hands


Units tuck away near an external wall of the home

Ducted Air Conditioning Checklist

Before making a purchase check:

  • If the unit has a considerable number of star rating. More stars means more energy saving benefits for you.
  • How many rooms you would like to cool
  • The approximate size of your rooms and height of your ceiling
  • Where you would like the exterior unit mounted

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