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How Evaporative Air Conditioning Works

There are many types of air conditioning systems in existence, namely; hydronic cooling, geothermal cooling and refrigerated systems. There is also evaporative air conditioning. As the name suggests, this type of air conditioner uses evaporation to cool air inside a building. As you may already know from your science classes, cooling takes place when a liquid evaporates. This is because it requires a lot of energy to transition from liquid to gaseous state.

How it Works

The AC system works by drawing warm dry air from outside the house and passing it through wet filter pads. As a result, air is filtered. When the dry warm air comes into contact with water, evaporation occurs. As a result, warm air from outside is cooled as the heat energy it possessed is used to transform water to a gaseous state. The resulting cool fresh air is then sent to different parts of the building through a series of air ducts, thereby cooling the entire house to the desired temperature. Since water is quickly consumed, evaporative air conditioners come equipped with a water pump, which pumps water to the top of the sponges/pads.

Evaporative Air Conditioning

A residential evaporative air conditioning placed outside a home.

Main Components and Their Functions

The system also has a powerful fan, which draws outside air into the unit and pushes out cool fresh air to the ducting system, which distributes cool air to different rooms in the house. A constant water supply must also be available for the system to work. After all, if there is no water, no evaporation will take place, so there will be no cooling. It is important to note that unlike other types of cooling systems, evaporative air cons do not recirculate air. Once cool fresh air is injected into the room, warm air is pushed out through the windows, door or air vents on exterior walls.

How Temperature is Controlled

Temperature control in evaporative air conditioning systems is usually done by controlling the speed of the fan. By reducing the speed, you reduce the rate at which cool air is supplied to the building. Similarly, if you increase the fan speed, more cool air will be supplied to the building, thereby cooling the building faster.

Benefits of Evaporative Air Conditioners

i) Provides Cool Fresh Air

The main benefit of using evaporative cooling systems is that they provide cool fresh air since there is no recirculation of air. Refrigerated systems normally recirculate contaminated air, which puts the occupants of the building at risk of developing respiratory health problems.

ii) Get Clean, Cool and Humid Air

If you live in a place where the relative humidity of air is uncomfortably low, this type of system will improve indoor air quality significantly. This is because in addition to filtering air, the wet sponges also add moisture to dry air. Refrigerated units usually remove moisture from air, so you will have dry air in your home, which lowers home comfort.

iii) They are Affordable

The cost of buying and installing an evaporative air conditioner is much lower than the cost of installing refrigerated units. In addition to that, they have lower running costs.

Evaporative units are also friendly to the environment as they do not use CFC. They are also convenient to use since you do not always have to close windows and doors to improve the efficiency of the system.


More Coverage

Ducted Air Conditioning covers your entire home


Most energy efficient way to heat or cool your home

Low Noise

Ducted Air Conditioning systems are less noisy

Zone Control

Gives you precise control over each room temperature


No hot or moving parts within the home for little hands


Units tuck away near an external wall of the home

Ducted Air Conditioning Checklist

Before making a purchase check:

  • If the unit has a considerable number of star rating. More stars means more energy saving benefits for you.
  • How many rooms you would like to cool
  • The approximate size of your rooms and height of your ceiling
  • Where you would like the exterior unit mounted

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