Important Tips On How To Install A Split System

A split system aids many households with air conditioning. This ensures sufficient air circulation inside the rooms. Having the right knowledge of how to install a split system is very important when it comes to air conditioning.

1. Installation of the Indoor Unit

The indoor unit for air conditioning should be within the wall in the inside of the house away from heat and any flammable material. You should mount it to a height of about 7 feet from the floor and away from other electrical appliances. Provide maximum support for the unit.

2. Mount a plate on the wall

The plate should be on the interior wall. It should be in an equal horizontal position with the split system. Your wall should have holes with plastic materials to support the plate.

3. Drill holes equal to the size of the pipes

Connect the holes from the outside. The lengths and diameters should be proportional to those of your system. Let the exterior holes run downwards for efficient drainage.

4. Insert a flexible flange into the hole

Ensure that all electrical connections are in place. Then connect electric current to the system. The whole system should be similar to the diagrams in the handout.

5. Connect the pipes

Connect straight pipes from outside to the interior wall unit. Their length should be shorter than spaces between the two surfaces by quarter. Now carry out your piping and then integrate that with the electric wires.

Wrap everything with an electrical tape and locate the drain pipe at the bottom. Connect the pipe for drainage to the base of the split system. It facilitates maximum water flow. Ensure that you carry out each procedure correctly.

how to install a split system

Having the right knowledge of how to install a split system is very important when it comes to air conditioning.

6. Installation of an outdoor condenser

Ensure to pick a strategic location. It should be free from dust and heat for carrying out the installation. Around the unit, create enough space for excellent functioning.

7. Level the concrete pad on the floor

Make sure you raise it the condenser higher above the ground so that it can serve you even when it is snowing. To avoid noise, reinforce the rubber at the bottom of the split system. Additionally, keep any antenna away from the perimeters of the exterior condenser.

8. Join the power cables

Dispose the cover and follow the connection diagrams on the booklet to carry out the wiring procedure correctly. Ensure the wires are tight enough before putting the cover back.

9. Match the nuts on the interior pipes to those on the exterior wall

10. Feed air into the unit

Open the valves and the service port to allow the connection of the vacuum pump. Switch on the vacuum up to a pressure limit of 10mm Hg. You can then close it and switch off the pump. After that, ensure that there are no leakages and then close the valves and the port.

11. Insulate the joints of the pipes to avoid electric shock

12. Clamp the pipes to the wall

13. Cover the holes

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