The task of installing a split air conditioner is crucial, as the unit will not provide optimum performance if not installed properly. Installing split system properly is the key to receive desired cooling effect and prevent frequent breakdowns.

Instead of handing over the job to a novice, depend on professionals for the installation job, as it helps you to save money on maintenance and repairs. It requires time, experience, and practice to become a professional in installing split system.

Apart from this, improper installation results in leakage of the refrigerant. One needs to consider various factors while installing a split AC.

Things to keep in mind prior to Installing Split System

  • One has to determine the location for setting up the outdoor and indoor unit before initiating the installation process of the split system air conditioner.
  • To get the best cooling effect, install the indoor unit inside the room just above the bed.
  • Change the direction of the louvers if you do not want chilled air flowing directly at you.
  • Ensure that you install the indoor unit at an easy to access location so that you can access it easily to change the filters.
  • Set up the outdoor unit (the compressor) in an open space, such as the terrace so that air flows freely over the compressor and the condenser coils.
installing split system

Installing split system properly is the key to receive desired cooling effect and prevent frequent breakdowns.

Outdoor unit installation tips

  • Select a rigid surface for installing the outdoor unit to prevent vibrations, as this prevents excessive noise while the compressor is working, and prevents breakage of the copper tubing, which leads to loss of refrigerant.
  • Ensure that you place the outdoor at a location higher from the indoor unit, as placing the outdoor unit at a height lower than the indoor unit hampers the performance of the compressor. As the components of the outdoor unit are shielded, climatic conditions will not affect them.

The indoor unit’s tilt angle

While setting up the holding brackets, ensure that they tilt slightly towards the water outlet so provide unrestricted flow of the condensed water through the drain pipe. For optimum performance set up both the units in locations where they are not exposed to sunlight.

Placement of the outdoor unit

Select a flat and rigid surface for placing the outdoor unit, which contains parts such s the fan motor, condenser, and the compressor. Failing to do so will cause the unit to vibrate, which might damage to the compressor, and breakage of the copper tubing, leading to leakage of the refrigerant, which hinders the performance of the air conditioning unit.

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