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Mitsubishi Air Conditioning

Cashback Offer

for a limited time Mitsubishi are offering up to $400 holiday vouchers on a selected range of their Air Conditioners. Contact Alphateam today to see which systems qualify and how you can save with your new Mitsubishi Air Conditioning System.

Mitsubishi cashback promo
Mitsubishi. Quality Ducted and Split System Air Conditioners for Perth. Mitsubishi Air Conditioners are quality systems that keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. We supply Mitsubishi systems at wholesale pricing so for the best deals contact us today.


get a free quote on Mitsubishi Air Conditioners today

Mitsubishi air conditioners

Many consumers are enjoying the benefits of using Mitsubishi air conditioners. The systems provide a comfortable working, leisure and living environments. They are high performance systems with low emissions and running costs. As market leaders, Mitsubishi uses the latest technology to drive the air conditioning units.

Mitsubishi air conditioners use advanced control solutions to optimize functionality. Some of the top models on offer include the small M Series split systems that are capable of delivering up to 2.5 kilowatts (kW). In addition, Mitsubishi offers the technologically advanced City Multi VRF, which delivers up to 140 kW.

Airconditioner Models

Mr Slim

The Mr Slim selection of air conditioners incorporates four outdoor units and eight indoor units. The series of products use Inverter, Zubadan, Power Inverter and Power Inverter technology. This range of aircon systems makes it easy to install a custom solution that meets specific needs. Mr Slim models include the floor mounted system, air curtain and more.

  • Ceiling Cassette System – this option has the capacity to enhance airflow distribution using a wide air outlet. It provides high energy efficiency and uses different types of inverter technology options.
  • Wall Mounted System – this model is wall-mounted and comes with a compact flat panel. It is easy to install and capable of delivering between 3.5 and 10.0 kilowatts. The series offers high seasonal efficiency, quiet operation, ease of installation and advanced controls.
  • Large Capacity Ceiling System – supports long pipe work installation for maximum flexibility. The system incorporates 150 Pa external static high pressure in addition to a flexible duct design.
  • Ceiling Concealed Ducted System – ideal for installation in buildings with minimal ceiling space as well as external static pressure. They provide a viable option when it comes low operating costs. The height of these units is 250 millimeters, which makes it easier to install in low ceiling voids.
  • Ceiling Suspended System – the model is available in a stylish square-like design aimed at making the units blend with the ceiling. Installation options can be expanded thanks to the airflow settings.
  • Stainless Steel Ceiling Suspended System – comes with built-in oil mist filter and a carbon-black stainless steel housing.

M Series

The M Series offers a number of well-designed Mitsubishi air conditioners with great features. All the units under this series are driven by advanced inverter technology. Buyers can select the ideal model from a selection that includes floor-standing and wall-mounted variants.

  • Wall Mounted System – these units offer quiet operation and are highly economical.
  • Floor Mounted System – provide equal parts versatility, high capacity and superior energy efficiency. Comes with an auto swing vane for optimizing comfort.
  • Multi-Split Units – these systems have the capacity to handle up to six indoor units simultaneously. They allow custom installation to suit number of rooms with different shapes.

City Multi

The City Multi series features outdoor Mitsubishi air conditioners that are ideal for a wide variety of settings. The units include the following products:

  • VRF Outdoor – employs the proprietary Y series and inverter technology to deliver high performance. The system can be regulated using the multiple City Multi controls in addition to being linked to third party BEMS.
  • HVRF Outdoor – has the capacity to operate as a Chiller system yet it can be installed as a VRF. It contains water between indoor units and the Hybrid Branch Controller. It is designed to function as a 2-pipe heat recovery VRF.
  • VRF Indoor – provides duct air conditioning in confined spaces and handle external static pressure capably.
  • HVRF Indoor – the units are available in floor-standing, cassette and ducted options. They use water-based fan oils and their design is based on the electric VRF indoor model.
  • BC Controller VRF – the system is capable of heating and cooling simultaneously.
  • HBC Controller HVRF – maximizes indoor comfort by providing optimal cooling capabilities. The system employs water piping between indoor fan coils and the HBC box. It comes as no surprise that model lies at the core of the HVRF system.

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