Cleaning your split system air conditioner regularly each season will keep it in good condition. In all likelihood, if you own one of these air conditioners, you are using it throughout the year. This is why you should remove grime and dust from it frequently, to make sure that it is operating at peak efficiency. Here’s what you should do:

Keep the Condenser Coils Clean

To reach the condenser coils in your air conditioner, take the exterior casing off using a screwdriver. Then, get rid of any other parts that are blocking your access, so you can find the coils.

Use a duster or stiff brush to remove any surface grime or dirt, then apply an appropriate cleaning agent to eliminate caked on or trapped dirt. Rinse this off with water (sprayed from the interior) after about quarter of an hour.

Examine the coil fins while you are there, and comb any straight using a ‘fin comb’, if any of them look damaged or crooked. Fin combs are available from most hardware stores.

fin comb with different colors

fin comb with different colours

Keep the fan Coil on the Indoor Unit Clean

The indoor unit fan coil emits cold air from the unit into whichever room it serves. To reach this, you will have to take off the unit’s chassis using a screwdriver.

When you can access this coil, spray it using an appropriate cleaning agent, leave it for several minutes, then wash it off with hot water. Do not fret about any spillages, because the majority of these will fall into the drip pan.

Wash the coil until the spillages are completely gone and no solution is left. However, take care not to overfill the drip pan. Avoid washing the drip pan any more, until it has drained off. Do not refit the chassis, until the fan coil is dry.

Take the Filters off and Clean Them

Flip up or remove the inside air conditioner’s front grille. Then, you ought to be able to take off a big mesh panel, or a couple of smaller ones. These panels are used to protect your unit from airborne threats, like bacteria and dust.

Due to this, they often become blocked and filthy and have to be cleaned more frequently than other components. On the other hand, these filters are easy to clean.

To do this, take them outdoors (making sure that you do not drop any dust into your home) then hit them against a post or railing. This will remove the majority of the grime and dust, and any nastiness that remains can be hoovered up.

Split-system air conditioner

Split-system air conditioner

Safety Precautions

While you perform split system maintenance, always ensure that you are safety conscious and switch the power off. You should disconnect every power source to ensure that your cleaning is carried out safely. Furthermore, as an additional safety precaution, when you clean with damp wipes check that the unit is totally dry, prior to closing up the front section of the unit. Take heed of the above advice, and your air conditioner should last you for many years to come.

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