In this article we will make a split system review about a few system series. Split System Air conditioning units provide a practical, cost effective way to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment. They are capable of both cooling and heating. The units are available in a wide variety from which to choose. However, not all air conditioners are created equal. Some systems boast advanced features and superior cooling or heating performance.

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-GE Series

The MSZ-GE Series is one of the best ultra-quiet air conditioners available on the Australian market. The units have a stylish, sophisticated design and a long working life. The system takes advantage of Mitsubishi’s advanced inverter technology to achieve high-speed heating and cooling. In addition, the units are energy efficient when compared to non-inverter systems.

The Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-GE Series comes with a wide variety of features, including Wi-Fi control, a 24-hour timer and the i-save mode. With the Wi-Fi control, users can connect the unit to devices like tablets and smartphones. The feature allows control via the internet.

Fujitsu Lifestyle ASTG09

All parts of modern split system air conditioner

All parts of modern split system air conditioner

The ASTG09 is part of the lifestyle series that is well-known for being energy efficient and stylish. It comes with human sensor control for added convenience. The feature provides a sure-fire way to deliver superb temperature control and efficiency. The unit has a number of awesome features like the auto restart, swing louvre, program timer, auto changeover, human sensor and the economy mode.

The Fujitsu Lifestyle ASTG09 can open and close automatically when the system starts or shuts down. The auto restart is designed to ensure that the unit restarts automatically in case of temporary loss of power. The restart procedure returns it to the same operating mode.

Kelvinator KSV25HRF

The KSV25HRF is part of the Kelvinator KSV25/35/52/70/80HRF series. This split system is a top ranked unit that uses a reverse cycle mechanism. It also employs inverter technology, an active carbon filter, LED display and a dual auto swing. The DC inverter technology is designed to enhance performance. This ensures that users enjoy better control, comfort and energy efficiency.

The unit’s BioFresh filtration sterilises, purifies and deodorises air in indoor spaces. On the other hand, the one-touch climate control improves convenience with the use of a remote control. The Kelvinator KSV25HRF’s design reduces dust build-up.

LG P09 AWN-14

Split-system air conditioner

Split-system air conditioner

The P09 AWN-14 is a high-quality air conditioner that boasts the following features: Plasmasterâ„¢ Ioniser Plus, Dust Protection Filter, Active Energy Control, Plasmaster Auto Clean and the Optional Wi-Fi Smart Control. The active energy control allows users to regulate energy consumption, thus improving energy efficiency. The Plasmaster ioniser plus is designed to improve air quality. The feature generates millions of plasma ions that become active in the air.

Meanwhile, auto cleaning function reduces the formation of bacteria and mould. The Plasmaster auto cleaning is aimed at controlling the accumulation on the heat exchanger.

Split System Reviews: Samsung AR5000

The Samsung AR5000 air conditioner is a high performance unit that is characterised by a distinctive triangular design. It has a wide inlet, which is aimed to allowing maximum air in and out. The triangular design also contributes to faster air circulation that reaches furthest than other units. It is fitted with a virus doctor that filters contaminants like allergens, viruses, bacteria and dust.

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