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Finding the Right Split System AC

Finding the right Split System Air Conditioner can be a challenge. With so many brands on the market all competing for your attention and money the options can feel overwhelming. With all the different warranties, Kilowatt sizes and energy efficiency ratings it can be difficult to know which split system to choose.

Alphateam can help. With our experience we can help you choose a system that comes with a great warranty, excellent performance and affordability. We can help you choose the right amount of Kilowatts for your home. With our experience servicing and installing Perth Split Systems, we have come to know the products and brands which provide owners the best results and returns. Let us help you make a great choice.


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When it comes to purchasing the right Split System air conditioner, performance is of central importance to ensure year round comfort.


It is important to consider the efficiency of the unit you are purchasing. Ensuring the correct size system will ensure optimal efficiency.


We can help you find a system that is both quality and affordable for your budget. We know which systems work best in Perth.

Purchase the Right Split System Air Condtioning

Temperatures in Perth and many other parts of Australia can be brutal, especially during the summer. This makes the air conditioning system in your home the most important piece of appliance you can have. There are many types of air conditioning systems, including; central air systems, hydronic cooling, window AC, portable air conditioners and split systems air conditioning. Each of these systems has its own pros and cons that property owners should know about before choosing any one of them.

Split AC System Design

As the name suggests, this type of cooling system is split into two parts; the air handler and the compressor. The air handler is an indoor unit that can either be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall of a room. This component is responsible for drawing air from the room, cooling it and pumping it back to the room. The air handler also has an air filter, which removes airborne particles to keep your air clean. The compressor is an outdoor unit, which can either be mounted on a wall bracket, on the roof or on the ground. It is responsible for cooling and compressing the refrigerant. It basically dumps heat removed from the room to the outside environment. The two units are linked by two insulated copper tubes that connect the two ends of the evaporator and condenser coils. Each of these units must be connected to a power outlet to work.

Types of Split AC Systems

i) Wall Split Systems

The general design of all split system air conditioners is the same. What differs is the design and location of the indoor unit. In a wall split system, the indoor unit is mounted high up on the wall, just below the roof cornices. Most air handling units are compact, and they are designed to add to the room’s aesthetic appeal. This type of system only cools the room it is installed in, so several air handlers may be needed in a large house.

ii) Ceiling Cassette Systems

Unlike the wall-type, the air handling unit in a ceiling cassette system is mounted on the ceiling. This is a great option if you want to conceal the indoor unit. If you want to cool a large space and there is no wall nearby to mount the indoor unit, this might be the perfect option.

iii) Multi-Head Split Systems

These split systems consist of a single compressor unit connected to several indoor units, which can be a mixture of ceiling cassettes and wall-mounted units. This is an economical way to cool several rooms using just a single compressor.

How to Choose the Right Split System for your Room Size

The main function of air conditioners is to cool all the air circulating in a room. For this reason, the size of the room must be measured when looking for a suitable AC unit. The following are the recommended AC sizes for different room sizes:

– 2.5kw air conditioner for any room measuring 5-20 sqm, such as the average bedroom
– 3.5kw AC unit for any room measuring 20-30 sqm, such as a theatre or large bedroom
– 5.0-6.5kw AC for any room measuring between 30-50 sqm, such as a living room or lounge
– 7.0-8.0kw AC for open spaces or rooms measuring 50-80 sqm

Ideally, you should hire a professional to help you choose the right split system air conditioner for your needs.

The two components of a split system air conditioner as well as the related pipe work can be installed in a number of ways. However, back to back is the most popular and most economical type of installation. Others are; side exit and internal wall installation.

A big thanks to John and the guys at Alphateam. They did a great job on our new split system and gave us plenty of helpful advice about positioning and which brand to choose. We couldn’t be happier with the result. Thoroughly recommend!

– Judy, Rockingham