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Johan Maritz


Johan has 20 years’ experience as a control systems engineer . He has extensive experience in various PLC / SCADA and DCS Systems.

Power Generation - Johan has been the embedded Senior control systems engineer at Synergy’s Muja Power station for the last eight years and have executed various large scale DCS projects from conception to design, development and commissioning.

Power Transmission – Johan has completed RTU upgrade projects in the greater North-West. Protection relay integration via RTU, and communication to POF/POA SCADA systems.

Water Treatment – Johan Designed, created, implemented and commissioned software for large water treatment projects such as Synergy’s Waste Water Treatment plant, Reverse Osmosis Stage C, Reverse Osmosis Stage D and Central Water Receival Facility.

Mining – Johan is currently involved in the Larego New conveyor belt project for Alcoa where he is the project Senior Controls Engineer, integrating SEL Protection relays into the Plant Control Logix PLC and Citect SCADA


Johan is passionate about providing effective solutions that exceed expectations and ultimately help the company operate more efficiently.


Johnathan Adams


Johnathan has been working in the electrical field since 1999, he is an experienced Marine Electrician and licensed Electrical Contractor. He is an experienced supervisor and has managed electrical repairs and maintenance on a fleet of 18 deep see trawlers while working at I&J Trawling Division. His understanding of  Marine Automation & Control Systems has led to his development of skills and knowledge in the Industrial Automation Sector.

He has extensive experience in troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance on power generation equipment from servicing alternators to analyzing power managements systems and replacing defective components, and has an in depth understanding of how individual components of complex electrical systems operate and their functions within these systems.

Johnathan has extensive experience in electric motor control and can design and install systems including variable frequency drives and soft starters for various applications. In his roles as a supervisor and electrical contractor Johnathan has managed a number of electrical projects.


Johnathan is passionate about continuous learning and staying up to date with the latest developments in technology. He is currently completing further studies in Industrial Automation Engineering, adding to his Electrical Engineering qualifications.